A problem? We have the solution!.
Our job: the coverage exhaustive, optimal and adapted of the medical computing.


SG PROD MédiLAN, It is a professional, experimented, reactive and dynamic team to take care of your entire computing, without compromise.
It is also the mutualization of skills, and the provision of effective tools in the service of the information system of your company.
Worried about your satisfaction and to answer at best your problem, SG PROD MédiLAN is also a structure of advice(council), in your listening, putting in your service(department) a customer space assuring(insuring) the transparency and the follow-up of its service(performance) of outsourcing.
Approach job(business) by the world DICOM: our expertise conjugated in medical and IT imaging allowed us to propose systems of paper reprography, solutions of engraving DVD CD, and digital medical record coded USB, archivings

GREEN BELT SIX SIGMA: what is it? Stéphane GINOCCHIO, CEO(CEOS) and fondateurde the SGPROD company is a holder of one Green Belt Six Sigma. A methodology, a process, and an acquired knowledge during ' years of trainings(formations) within his(her,its) teachings in ' manipulators' school, and at the head of his(her) company. Or then it is convictions which led(drove) Stéphane in this creative and enterprising(forward) spirit: we do not become six sigma, we are six sigma!

A green Belt six sigma dedicates 25 % of his time to the improvement of the systems: adopt the progress!

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SG PROD MediLAN, it is a professional and experimented specialized team Health, to take care of your entire computing, without compromise.

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