The NetQuality® Security offering evaluates and reinforces RIS & PACS information systems from the best practices and against worst threats



Composed of experts who are passionate about the security of information systems, our NetQuality® team supports the centers in their risk management. Driven by excellence and innovation, it develops pragmatic and complementary services. It is based on professional tools and recognized standards.
SG PROD MédiLAN has a double culture of safety and medical informatics. Thus, the services offered respect the constraints and specificities of our clients' business.
SG PROD MédiLAN maintains and enhances its knowledge base on attack and logical infiltration methods through a security monitoring and permanent investment in research and development.
• Expertise of a team of engineers involved in the development of the standards.
• Clear deliverables, client-oriented and accessible to decision-makers.
• Consideration of medical business risks and their legal constraints.
SGPROD MédiLAN offers its clients the resources to support their development by optimizing the use of IT by offering a tailored outsourcing solution or personalized assistance.

The NetQuality® offer provides access to a managed outsourced operational security service focused on information security prevention, detection and response.
SG PROD MédiLAN has built a security operational center (SOC) to combine its expertise in IT production processes with IT security. This SOC offers a set of services responding to different issues as well as a catalog dedicated to BAU topics.

Through Vulnerability Management or Monitoring (daily verification of dashboards), our service units aim to anticipate threats and minimize the occurrence of security incidents.
Analysis and correlation of security events, coupled with incident-based monitoring, enables us to provide a threat detection and security incidents service.
In face of a security incident (rejection of service, intrusion, maliciousness, phishing, etc.), having an expert structure, ready to react quickly and with appropriate means and methods, allow to understand the origin of the incident and return to an operational situation while capitalizing on the problem.
Specific services
SG PROD MédiLAN offers its skills to meet specific requests for expertise, log analysis, reverse engineering, analysis of flow openings, security tests.
NetQuality® is accessible on four options according to your needs.