Weekly on-site supervision of your infrastructure


  • A unique system for regular monitoring of your information system

    Pro active maintenance to anticipate incidents

    A tool to avoid lost of service

Outsourcing+ means ensuring the availability of your infrastructure through regular on-site monitoring of the health of your information system.



AM2i and SiS2I trainings for users

- A set of training courses to reduce the incidents declared by the users of your information system and the significant increase in security, making it possible to avoid penalizing downtime. These courses are delivered with a charter of good uses of the IS.

Training+ ensures the availability of your infrastructure by improving the IT performance of the users of your information system.




To adopt and foresee a recovery plan!


- Creating a backup every night for each of your virtualized servers

- Storage of these backup on a dedicated server

Integrity2 is the guarantee of a quick recovery in the event of a disaster.




Monitoring your backups


- Monitoring tools installed on your backup hardware

- Daily monitoring of the safe operation of backups

- A recovery of your data at D-1

Integrity + guarantees the integrity of your data.